Strategic Focus

Our Vision:

To increase the capabilities of Missouri businesses, universities, and research organizations to provide technology-related products or services to the Army and Department of Defense (DoD), the result of which will be a stronger technology base in Missouri for meeting military technology requirements, a more vibrant economy in the region and state and an enduring Fort Leonard Wood.

Our Mission:

Leonard Wood Institute (LWI) secures funding for, competitively awards, manages, and collaborates in projects to develop technologies and services that meet Army or DoD capability requirements and help sustain Fort Leonard Wood.

Our Values:

  • We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and our actions are transparent;
  • Our work is an important contribution to getting useful technologies into the hands of our soldiers more quickly and reliably;
  • Through our actions we help improve the economic opportunities for citizens and businesses in our region and throughout the state;
  • We strive to work effectively with our partners; and
  • Innovation drives our growth and will lead to our success.

Our Strategy:

  • Initiate, fund, manage and collaborate in tech-related projects at FLW in cooperation with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and other military entities
  • Find funding for, and promote, arrange and manage technology partnerships with the Army and the private sector in support of Army needs
  • Build strong and transparent relationships with Army organizations that allow LWI to act as a long-term advocate and disinterested partner
  • Identify and track the mission and economic impacts
  • Through a regional partnership, help sustain Fort Leonard Wood