Army Research Laboratory Capability


LWI currently administers a research and development program, the general object of which is to pursue research objectives that may 1) be aimed at addressing a high priority Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) or Army Research Laboratory research needs, as established by LWI and the ARL Cooperative Agreement Manager or 2) be related to joint research needs of the Army and another service or agency of the Department of Defense or other federal department of critical interest to LWI,ARL,or MSCoE. LWI's research objectives identified under the program are consistent with the purposes stated in LWI's Cooperative Agreement (CA) with ARL.

The LWI CA is with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Human Research and Engineering Directorate ARL-HRED. It has a term of June 2014 to June 2019, with a $25 million maximum cap. The CA allows LWI to perform applied research, using primarily RDT&E funding. The research can take the form of work LWI performs directly or through subaward agreements with third parties. Funding for a project can come from ARL, other Army agencies, other Services, or DoD.  

LWI is seeking agencies that are interested in funding research objectives identified above.

LWI also accepts proposals at any time during the year and LWI's decision to fund projects is primarly governed by availability of funding and the quality of applications received by LWI.  

At its option, LWI may from time to time prepare and publish a request for proposals (RFP). LWI may proactively and unilaterally seek potential offerors of white papers or full research proposals on anad hoc basis or may make generalized inquiries to identify potential offerors. The identification of offerors by LWI is done in consultation with the ARL Cooperative Agreement Manager.

LWI may require the submission of preliminary white papers or may invite full research proposals at its discretion. LWI will determine the form and format required for the submission of white papers or full research proposals. LWI will receive and coordinate a review of white papers or full research proposals received from offerors who are invited to submit. 

White papers or full proposals will be referred to ARL on a periodic, on-going basis throughout the program year and may be distributed to MSCoE or other military organizations for reviews of military value and military benefit. The ARL will provide reviews and submit them to LWI for tabulation and analysis. In consultation with LWI and MSCoE, the ARL may also arrange an alternative method for distributing and collecting white paper or full proposal reviews. The review of white papers or full proposals will be done in cooperation with ARL. 

LWI’s Executive Director, in consultation with LWI staff and/or outside experts, is charged with ensuring that white papers and full proposals comply with LWI program objectives. He will also determine the degree to which the white papers or full proposals are likely to result in successful projects, and are a cost effective use of sponsor funding. The LWI executive director, in consultation with the ARL, LWI staff and/or outside experts, will determine which offerors of white papers will be invited to submit full proposals. However, white papers may not be required as a preliminary step before full proposals are invited.

To explore potential for LWI support of research needs or to submit a proposal, you may contact Dorsey Newcomb, LWI Executive Director, at:

Phone: 573-329-8502 x 2273