Doing Business with LWI

The Leonard Wood Institute (LWI) provides a number of services and programs to support the Army, Department of Defense Services and agencies, and other federal agencies.

LWI currently administers a research and development program, the general object of which is to pursue research objectives that may 1) be aimed at addressing a high priority Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) or Army Research Laboratory research needs, as established by LWI and the ARL Cooperative Agreement Manager or 2) be related to joint research needs of the Army and another service or agency of the Department of Defense or other federal department of critical interest to LWI, ARL or MSCoE.  LWI's research objectives identified under the program are consistent with the purposes stated in LWI's Cooperative Agreement with ARL.

LWI is seeking agencies that are interested in funding research objectives identified above in support of their research and development programs.  LWI will work with ARL to assist an agency to direct its funding to the LWI program. 

LWI also accepts proposals from partnering researchers at any time during the year.  LWI's decision to fund projects is primarly governed by availability of funding and the quality of applications received by LWI.  

LWI also has the capability to assist agencies and companies in demonstrating their technology to potential Army and other DoD and federal agencies.  LWI has assisted a number of organizations in the past to use the operational assets at Fort Leonard Wood to conduct technology demonstrations.

To explore potential for LWI support of technology demonstrations, research needs, or to submit a proposal, you may contact Dorsey Newcomb, LWI Executive Director, at:

Telephone: 573-329-8502 x 2273

If you are interested in the Sustainable Ozarks Partnership (SOP) program, please visit the SOP website,, for further information.